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List of premium features

Koddy is the best chatbot teacher and the funniest friend to chat with! We are interested in making language studying as affordable and efficient as possible. Absolutely all functions are available for free use! But if you want this wonderful experience on another level, Koddy chatbot has a lot to offer! With the premium version you can get:

  • Unlimited access to the grammar rules 🤩

  • A large amount of different interactive grammar practices 🥳

  • Full access to hundreds of words with flip-cards 😍

  • Access to all new content that will be added regularly such as new grammar topics, vocabulary, and practices 😎

In the foreseeable future, we’ll also add such great features as:

  • Talking with Koddy via voice messages 😲

  • Practicing vocabulary topics with Koddy 💪

  • Checking in which exact topics you’re making spelling or grammar mistakes 🤝

  • Koddy will remind you of daily practices ⏰

  • You’ll also have printable colorful vocabulary flip-cards 🌟

  • And much more! 🔥

Koddy premium version will give you an incredible opportunity to practice English in the most interesting and thus very productive way!

If you get a premium subscription, you’ll get access to both old and new premium content/features that will be added (till the time your subscription expires)

Want to start your incredible journey? Get premium version today! You can do this inside Koddy App, in the section "Premium".

Last updated: August 2021